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Where the Fairies Play

Well I was hoping to wake up and see a new D800 and tons of photography gear under the Christmas tree. When that didn’t happen I got out my iPad and began playing with my favorite new app called DistressedFX. It made me realize that big fancy camera isn’t what really counts. We are really just limited by our imaginations and vision. I’m not saying everyone will consider this pic a real photo or even art , but I do and I had fun creating it. Use the gear you have and get out there and have some photographic fun. Merry Christmas to all ☼ – jimmy

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2 thoughts on “Where the Fairies Play

  1. I love the work you post here, and I do consider it art. I wish I had the skill to edit my photos the way you do, maybe Santa will bring it to me next Christmas? 😉

  2. Why thanks Belen. I’m not the sharpest lens in the bag. Skill is not needed just a bit of instruction. I could get you started with a few tips. I know several generous texture authors that give there creations free. If you want to learn just say. I hope Santa was good to you this season and wish you all the best ☼ – jimmy

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