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My favorite 9 of 2009

I am a man of very few words. My images must do my talking. I will only say I see beauty in simple things and try my best to convey this to the viewer. Of all my 2009 artography, I enjoy these nine creations the most and hope you enjoy them too.

Will someone please turn up the heat.

I did tell you I was a man of very few words. I hope my photos spoke to you. Have a happy 2010 -jimmy

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9 thoughts on “My favorite 9 of 2009

  1. aswirly on said:

    No need for words. These images speak profoundly. I enjoy your artography very much and look forward to following your work this year 🙂

  2. Thank-you Amber. You are so kind with your comments.I will be watching your wonderful postings too – jimmy

  3. Oh Amber, I sent my best 9 of 2009 to Darwin Wiggett but he did not include me on the list. Don’t know why? I gave him this link, I think it should work?

    • aswirly on said:

      The link seems to work fine. It must have just been an oversight, or he’s busy. Try mailing him again. I’m sure he’d be happy to include it 🙂

  4. Hey thanks for checking that link Amber. I am not a geek when it comes to these computers. I won’t bother him. He seems to be a very busy guy. Thanks again for your help – jimmy

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  6. Smashing set, Jimmy. I like your work very much! (I linked in from Darwin’s list, by the way.)

  7. Thanks so much Royce. I really don’t think all that much of my artography especially after viewing your works and the others wonderful submissions. So your compliments are a nice surprise! Thanks again and all the best in 2010 – jimmy

  8. Oh,and thanks for posting my top 9 pics Darwin. Much appreciated – jimmy

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