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Turkey Bird !

Originally uploaded by jumpinjimmyjava

Turkey Bird !

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2 thoughts on “A-PIC-A-DAY

  1. Whoa! That looks Goth and I really like it! How did you do that??? 🙂

  2. jimmy on said:

    Hey Anna, thanks for the nice comment. I combined a pic of a birdhouse I shot with a lensbaby. This is an inexpensive fully manual, lens mounted on a piece of whay looks like flex, plastic pipe. They are so neat! That gave the blurred effect. The second pic was a small area of a photo I took of many , many buzzards sitting in a tall tree. I also used my most favorite FREE program Here is a link , you would love this. Just remember if you try this you have to make your pic 8 bit, and highlite the BACKGROUND layer to see the effects on screen.

    Thanks again Anna

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